The Ethical Leadership Debate

Assignment Brief:

Part B: Portfolio of Evidence Contents
The portfolio contents should provide evidence of your diligent engagement with the module activities including the directed learning opportunities. Your portfolio should be divided into clear sections, with the appendices clearly marked A, B, C and D so that your examiner can easily find and mark your evidence. A summary our expectations is provided below:
Appendix A The Ethical Leadership Debate (in Seminar 4) (18% of marks)
A reflective statement of 600 words which describes and critically evaluates the arguments presented in the debate on Ethical Leadership. Your argument must culminate in your opinion regarding the debate motion. We expect you to analyse the arguments (for and against) made by the teams on behalf of their characters in your seminar. We are not asking you to write a theoretical essay based solely upon the character biographies that we supplied for debate preparation.
Appendix B The Seminar Case (in Seminars 1 and 5) (18% of marks)
A reflective statement of 600 words concerning the seminar ethical dilemma case which was discussed in the Seminars One and Five. Briefly identify the ethical dilemmas in the case, and then select one for analysis using the normative theories and descriptive frameworks taught on this module.
Appendix C Interpersonal and Team-working skills (10% of marks)
A reflective statement of 300 words showing how your interpersonal and team-working skills were used in this module.