Seelig, T. (2012).InGenius: ACrash Course on Creativity. Harper One

Discussion Board Rules
•    You must post at least two posts for each discussion session to receive full credit:
o    Original posts: Original posts to each discussion session should be a minimum of 300 words.  This requirement helps promote writing that is both thorough and yet concise enough to permit other students to read all the posts. First person is allowed in your posts.
o    Interaction posts: Not everyone has the same opinions, ideas and/or backgrounds; therefore, you are to reply to at least one original thread by your classmates.  The interaction post should be at least 150 words.
(Chapter 1-3) in Tina Seelig’s ‘inGenius” and watch Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk “Your elusive creative genius.”and here is the link(  Answer the following questions about the chapters and the videos. All videos are posted in the Videos folder on the Course Menu.
1.    Nature of Creativity: According to Tina Seelig and Elizabeth Gilbert, where does creativity come from? How do Seelig’s and Gilbert’s definitions and perceptions of creativity differ? Do you agree or disagree with their statements and observations about creativity? Please explain your response.
2.    Creativity tools:  According to Tina Seelig, how can The Innovation Engine be used as a creativity enhancement tool? In your experience, which parts of The Innovation Engine have been most helpful in your own creative endeavors? Please provide at least one specific example.
3.    Application of creativity: According to Tina Seelig, why is the ability to re-frame problems important in a creative process? How do jokes and “unuseless inventions” exemplify the concept of problem re-framing? Please provide your own example of a re-framing joke or “unuseless invention.”
Here’s the meaning behind the grades your peers and I will use to assess the presentations. You can use these comments as clues about how to work toward a higher grade. Discussion postings that meet ALL criteria for a grade level will receive the highest points possible at that level. Postings that meet mixed levels of criteria will receive a score within the point range of the appropriate levels.
A (100-93 pts.) Outstanding/Excellent/ Distinguished
“A” discussion postings:
•    Demonstrates knowledge of the reading and/or video.
•    Fully address the Discussion Session questions.
•    Stimulate at least one substantial follow-up posting.
•    Responses and comments are thoughtful, insightful, and fully-developed,, not just recitation of facts from the chapter/video.
•    All information is logically organized, clear and concise.
•    Correct grammar, mechanics, and punctuation are used.
•    Meet the length requirement for the original and interactive posts.
•    Posts are made in time for others to read and respond.