RES 320 Final Exam

This pack of RES 320 Final Exam shows the solutions to the following problems:

1. When the results of exploratory research are extremely positive, they can totally replace quantitative research and save a great deal of money. True or False?

2. The ideal focus group size is

A. less than 5 people.

B. 6-10 people.

C. approximately 25 people.

D. more than 100 people.

3. Before a questionnaire can be constructed, the researcher must consider

A. the analytical techniques and data analysis to be used.

B. the communication medium of data collection.

C. the type of information needed.

D. all of the above. E. none of the above.

4. With a technically proper random probability sample, statistical errors can be eliminated. True or False

5. When a decision must be made about a specific real-life problem, we would conduct ____ research

A. exploratory

B. descriptive

C. causal

D. associative E. applied

6. A Marketing research executive is performing an experiment to determine which of two client ads will draw consumers