personality trait Ronald Reagan

personality trait Ronald Reagan

Develop an informative paper on the personality trait Ronald Reagan AS THE ARCHITECT OF BOTH THE CONSERVATIVE REALIGNMENT AND THE COLDWAR’S END and how that impacted America and has had a lasting effect on our society


Goals: Critical Thinking Levels
• Understand: Students will be able to summarize one chapter from an authoritative book that focuses on a major character trait.
• Apply: Students will use the proper writing strategies to develop a character sketch and correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.
• Apply: Students will implement the correct procedure for integrating a quotation within paper using correct MLA documentation.
• Analyze: Students will focus on the behavior, values, and/or attitudes of the individual to support their thesis.
• Evaluate: Students will judge the impact this American had or has on our country and our individual lives.

Length: Four typed pages

Format: MLA, with MLA documentation, parenthetical documentation, and a works cited page.

Sources: One book (not written by the individual you are researching)
No Internet sources except for biographical dates if needed

Information on Organizing Your Paper
I. Introduction (Suggestions)
• Grab attention with first sentence
• Quotation from person
• Insight from someone else about the person
• Your creative choice
• Exposition by providing brief historical background
• Who the person was/is
• When he /she lived
• How he/she became influential
• Where he/she achieved prominence
• Introduce your source, credentials, title of book, year it was published
• End your introduction with a thesis
• Your last sentence will be a generalized concept about one accomplishment

II. Body: Explain how your person became an influential American
• First body paragraph –describe physical appearance
• Detail certain important features of the image (attached to your essay)
• Does the physical appearance parallel an inner quality?
• Is the picture worth a thousand words?
• Does your outside source depict description of person’s physical appearance?
• Remaining body paragraphs-summarize one achievement (only one from his/her many accomplishments)the individual had on America
• Chronologically organize paragraphs to depict the accomplishment to your audience
• Distinguish from your outside source why that one achievement stands out for you
• Describe any inconsistencies in your person (e.g. he/she is a great philanthropist
but the methods of attaining wealth may have been illegal or contradictory)

III. Conclusion (Suggestions)
• Bring your paper full circle by linking back to the thesis and/or title
• Have you been inspired by your new knowledge-why or why not?
• Has the person made your life better?
• Has the person taught you something about yourself and/or about America?
• Provide an unforgettable last sentence. Use your creative talent here.
• Leave with your audience with a final impression of your evaluation of this individual

IV. Works Cited
• The final page of your essay will be a Works Cited page
• Use the correct MLA format to document the book/chapter you have chosen