Paper instructions: Must Have Books, These are the two books that you will need,

Clark, C., Clinton, T., & Straub, J. (2010). The quick-reference guide to counseling teenagers. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books. ISBN: 9780801072352.
McWhirter, J.J., McWhirter, B.T., McWhirter, E.H., & McWhirter, R.J. (2013). At-risk youth: A comprehensive response for counselors, teachers, psychologists and human service professionals (5th

ed.). Belmont, TN: Brooks/Cole Publishers. ISBN: 9780840028594.
Analysis Paper 1
I am a single working mother of four teenage daughters, Consider yourself within the context of the “ecological model” and discuss how this model has influenced your own development. You

will recall from your reading of McWhirter et al. that development is the result of “interconnected and embedded ecological systems”. Refer to Bronfenbrenner’s “ecological model” and the “at-

risk tree” to complete your discussion.
You will use your textbook and the Clinton et al. text as your references in addition to 2 other scholarly sources.
Three pages of full content only
Each student is required to complete 3 separate analysis papers on the selected topics. Each paper must be 3–5 pages in length and supported by at least 3 scholarly sources in current APA