NTC 242 Week 1 DQs

This work of NTC 242 Week 1 Discussion Questions shows the solutions to the following points:

DQ 1: Name two Wide Area Networks that you have operated. What gadget or devices did you utilized? Present the network design and configuration? React to your classmates and deliberate how your design holds opposing views.DQ 2: Chou (2009) talks about a general state in business, interactions among branch offices and the home office information hub The writer introduces two approaches to perk up the quantity of raw information processed or communicated among the offices and the information hub: data compression and caching. Evaluate and deliberate the general classifications of data used in your business to examine the aptness of these schemes. In addition, deliberate in broad-spectrum, where data compression can be utilized and where data compression cannot be utilized.DQ 3: Soares, et al. (2008) examines all the existing protocol parts essential for Voice over Internet Protocol telephony. Protocol such as SIP and H.323 are widespread but have boundaries. Explore and confer the restrictions of SIP and H.323 as currently utilized and incorporate in your argument the projected AMS protocol and find out if it will repair the problems on hand.