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At the beginning of the essay it is fundamental a statement said that I will not prescribe as I am not qualified yet, but it will be done by the DMP or other professional body able to prescribe.

On the introduction outline the prescribing role and the circumstances under which I saw the patient.

Important use the NMP process as mention on the 1999 framework .

Justify the decision and why, supported by references .

Critical analysis and Deeping the decision.

Using the 7 steps of prescribing pyramid.

The pt I have choose is a 25 year old woman with diagnosis of UTI after positive leukocyte and blood in the urine dipstick. Pregnancy test negative., no back pain.

I think the leader like to see in the essay the option of alternative/traditional medicines.

In my local policies the Thrimetropim is the first choice but of course it is important to justify the choice.

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Here copy and paste the page 10 of the module guide!!!!

Critical analysis of a prescribing intervention (2500 words)

This summative assignment requires you to identify an appropriate patient that you have recently encountered during your practice experience and for whom prescribing would have been one option in your care management strategies. The chosen prescribing intervention will need to be amenable to critical examination and should include an introduction to the prescribing context and the independent /supplementary prescribing role adopted. The assignment must demonstrate the application of a theoretical and evidence based approach to the practice of prescribing with specific reference to assessment and diagnosis, justification of an appropriate management strategy and consideration of the prescribing decision and the professional responsibilities involved.


It is recommended that you use the NPC’s Prescribing Pyramid to structure your assignment.

The assignment should include: –

A clear introduction which establishes the prescribing context and exploration of the independent/supplementary prescribing role adopted

An exploration of the assessment and diagnostic process undertaken.

To include:

A rationale for the assessment approach

Justification of any investigative strategies used

A review of the clinical reasoning process undertaken

Critical justification of the chosen therapeutic intervention.

An outline of the chosen pharmacological treatment and its effect

Relevant non-pharmacological interventions

A critical examination of the legal, ethical and professional issues associated with the prescribing process including the strategies for ensuring the patient’s appropriate use of the medicine.

Please note: you are not legally allowed to prescribe until you have successfully completed the prescribing award and your entry on the NMC/GPhC/HCPC register includes your prescribing award. You should therefore ensure that your assignment makes it clear that, whilst the assignment is written from the perspective of the prescriber, in practice the prescription was written by the designated medical practitioner/mentor.

8. Feedback

You are strongly advised to participate in all opportunities to receive formative feedback on your work including peer assessment and formative assessment exercises. Formative assessments do not carry marks but are an essential part of your studies which can, if completed well, make a significant difference to your summative marks. By participating actively in all of the learning opportunities available to you both in the classroom and online e.g. quizzes, discussion threads, you will have regular feedback to challenge and develop your thinking. Formative feedback will be provided on a plan of your analysis submitted via StudyNet on 4th December 2014.

9. Submission of coursework

1. Assignments should be typed in font size 11 or 12 (Arial or Comic Sans MS font). Work should be double-spaced.

2. All work submitted should be fully referenced according to the Harvard referencing system. Please see referencing guidelines available on StudyNet.

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