: Mechanics of Fashion

Topic: Mechanics of Fashion

Using the statement above as a basis for your research, produce a 1500 word report, using as many supporting visuals as necessary, to demonstrate how your chosen retailer/web retailer satisfies their target customer’s expectations via:

1. Consumer Profile board.

2. Product Analysis; range size, selection, colourways, size range, stock availability etc.
The store/web site

3. In-store/site layout and ‘shopability’ – is it easy or frustrating to shop?

4. Pricing – are the prices below/above/just right for their target customer?

5. Promotion – how do they communicate with their target audience?

Do not make assumptions or use own opinions but ensure that you base your findings on factual evidence gathered from various resources; e.g. text books, newspapers, magazines, websites and journals.
Remember to consider the retailer from an objective point of view – even if this is your favourite brand – how might the areas mentioned above, be improved?