Materials & Manufacturing Process

Materials & Manufacturing Process

As   an independent consultant engineer  you   have just won a short term contract from King Swan Engineering, a large
and busy multi -national.  King Swan have  tasked you to conduct some research and to provide some  analyses  on the
basis of this research.
The contract includes a brief on the scope of the research, the deliverables and delivery schedule, which have been
included in the later sections of this document.
The next section of this document is a summary of background information you obtained when you went to see the
engineering manager at King Swan prior to being awarded the contract.
Background Information
King Swan is a successful multinational engineering firm that works in a wide variety of engineering sectors.  They
are renowned for working to tight deadlines and producing high quality products for their customers, and so expect
t he same from their supply chain  which now includes you.
When you met the engineering manager at King Swan the following points became obvious during the discussion:
•  The work you will do will have an impact right across King Swan, a global company.  As a consequence the
report that you deliver may be read by people all over the world.  Clear and plain language is therefore
•  The engineers at King Swan are extremely busy and will rely on being able to read your report quickly and
efficiently.  As a consequence the information and data that you provide in your report m ust be clear and
the structure of the document must make it easy to trace back from any conclusion you make to the data
that you made the decision on.  A well -structured and concise report is therefore essential.
•  King Swan are aware that a great deal of information is available through the internet, books and journals on
the engineering concepts covered by this project.  This information may come from King Swan’s competitors,
potential suppliers or researchers who may be of interest to K ing Swan if they wan t to develop the research
beyond the report that you deliver.   In addition King Swan has a strong business ethics policy.   As a
consequence traceability of information is critical to the delivery of your contract.  Identifying the sources of
pre-existing i nformation in your report is therefore essential.
•  King Swan are   a  successful and profitable company   because they employ great engineers as employees and
as contractors like you that provide value for money.  As a consequence King Swan will be expecting your
report to include your original ideas on the subject of the work, which will add value to research beyond that
of a mere review of available information.  Demonstrating your ability to innovate and to  make engineering
decisions that are supported by evid ence will improve your chances of repeat business from King Swan and
help to establish your reputation as a reliable and trusted engineer.
CU/EC/MAM/102EMM/MAT/CSWK/1415 /1   Issue 1.0

The information required on the chosen component is described in more detail in Table 1 .
Delivery  of your report to King Swan  is being managed  by Coventry University.   King Swan has tasked the
University to independently assess the originality  and quality   of the work.  Coventry University staff on
102EMM are  available to answer any reasonable questions you have on this work.
A 6 page (A4)   report is expected ,  with a  minimum font size 10.   Line spacing should be no more than 1.5
lines.   This  page limit  excludes figures, tables, graphs and appendices.    Your report can be longer than  6
sides (e.g. due to figures, graphs & tables) but no more than  6  sides of text in report main body.
Appendices should be used for  non – essential   diagrams and information if necessary.    The report must be
submitted in Word 97 -2003 format.
The   report is expected  to have a   structure   as defined by the Sections described below.  In addition a Saaty
analysis has been conducted by King Swan to assess the relative value of the Sections and the quality of the
writing  to its engineers.  The results of this analysis, the value ascribed to the report sections and the
report quality are  shown as percentages of relative value   against each portion of the report below  in  Table

Carbon fibre c omposite s compared  with tradition al metallic materials.

Discuss the advantages of carbon fibre reinforced polymers with respect to their  mechanical
&  mass-specific  properties in replacing traditional metallics in vehicle body structural
applications. Include in your discussion issues associated with anisotropy, how such issues can
be addressed and the consequential effect on mechanical properties

Discuss the  effect of the   high production rates   required for many standard classes of  vehicles
o n the  use of  the such  composite materials  with respect to their   processing characteristics
when such materials are supplied in the form of pre -preg th at must be vacuum bagged and
autoclave moulded

The Competitive Nature of Composites  in  the  Automotive   Industry

“Some niche vehicle manufacturers are currently mov ing away from carbon fibre components
for their  medium production volume vehicle structures because of long processing times
needed for high integrity carbon fibre composite components” Discuss this   in relation to th is
Society of Automotive Engineers article ( hyperlink below) .