Fences. Gabriel Maxson Custom Essay

: Fences Gabriel Maxton is a brother to Troy Maxton. Troy Maxton has taken care of him since the Second World War which resulted to incapacitation of his head. This head injury made him think that he was in deed arch angel Gabriel as Troy took advantage of his disability compensation to get himself a house in which their family lives and on top of that he continues to earn some monthly monitory benefits checks as part of Gabriel’s settlement in order to pay his rent. Gabriel Maxton plays a major role in the play fences by August as evidenced in Act one: scene two of the play. Gabriel Maxton gets to Troy’s house with a basket on his hand. He starts singing a song that touches on selling of plums but unfortunately he doesn’t have the fruits in the basket to sell. He goes on to explain to his brother, that he shifted to Miss Pearl’s house reason being that he didn’t want to be an obstacle in his life. Troy defends himself and tells him that he is not angry with him for staying with Miss Pearls and leaving his home.