Discuss how you will use the Internet to recruit candidates.

Assignment 5: Recruitment and Selection
You have worked through Module 5 and will now demonstrate your knowledge of the concepts introduced in this module. This assignment is organized in three parts. Parts A, B, and C are marked out of 100 and will count for 15 per cent of your final course grade.

The mark distribution is as follows:

Parts Marks
Part A: Case Incident—Why are they leaving so quickly? 30
Part B: Recruitment 40
Part C: Selection 30
Total 100
Part A: Case Incident—Why are they leaving so quickly? (30 marks)
Read the case incident on page 174 of your textbook, entitled “Why are they leaving so quickly?” and answer the following four questions:

What errors have been made in the current approach to hiring and what is the overall impact?
What are the potential legal violations occurring within the organization’s hiring practices.
Besides turnover, what other kinds of issues may occur as a result of poor hiring decisions?
What advice would you offer this organization to improve its hiring practices?
Part B: Recruitment (40 marks)
Succession planning is a policy that some organizations are adopting because of the competitive business environment in which they operate. Assume you are reaching the age of retirement and your employer is worried that your position may not be easily filled. They have asked you to help them recruit and train somebody to fill your position. Design a recruitment strategy for someone who would take over your position. The recruitment strategy should include the criteria listed below. Your overall budget is $1500.

If you are not currently employed, use a position you have held in the past, one you hope to hold in the future, or one that you are familiar with. You can be as creative as you like with this assignment. You may develop a flow chart or use a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate your responses. You should refer back to your textbook, which will provide you with some guidelines.

Prepare the following documents for your recruitment strategy:

An overall recruitment plan, which includes your planned activities and costs. Remember: your total budget is $1500. (20 marks)
Develop a job advertisement for the position (be sensitive to the cost of the job ad in your design). (10 marks)
Discuss how you will use the Internet to recruit candidates. (10 marks)
Part C: Selection (30 marks)
Write a two-page report (approximately 500 words) which outlines the following:

Develop selection criteria for the position. (10 marks)
Develop shortlist criteria for the position. (5 marks)
Describe the methods you would use to assess the candidates. (5 marks)
Develop 10 key interview questions for the position, ensuring that you use behavioural interview questions. (10 marks)