Conduct a literature and online search to find an interesting topic (e.g. the outsourcing of clinical trials to low-income countries, the emergence of personalized medicine, access to life-saving treatments, neglected diseases, bioterrorism and so on). Do not rely on one book/article/website but search for additional material that provides complementary information that enables you to describe the topic from different perspectives (e.g. social, scientific, economic, political, cultural and so on).


The paper must be composed of four main paragraphs:

– use the first paragraph to describe the chosen topic in general.

– then the following three paragraphs must be used to present three different research questions that could be posed in relation to the chosen topic. For each research question, write one paragraph. What is the research question? How would you explore the question if you were to write a longer essay on the question? Why is the research question important? Why does it matter? What is at stake?


EXTRA NOTE: An example of a topic and related questions (that you might be interested in using after altering the questions a bit):

Topic: Organ Donation, Transplantation and Markets

Question 1: Does transplant tourism count as ‘black market’?

Question 2: What is the effect of opt in systems vs. opt out systems on organ donation rates (can compare between two countries for example one with opt in and the other opt out)?

Question 3: What are the ethical implications related to a legal living organ market?/ or What are possible systems for implementing legal living organ markets?


ALSO please make sure sources used are articles in journals or books and are NOT OLDER than 2008, thank you.