controller device

Decide on a product/service, related to the industry chosen above, which you think can be successfully

produced and sold overseas. Justify your choice of product (with referenced sources). Why is this a good
business idea?

It can be a radically new idea for an innovative new product/service (as you might see on Dragon’s Den), or
it can be a variation on existing product/services – a competing brand or model, for example. Your idea is to
be presented to the Board of Global Ventures Plc in the form of a PowerPoint presentation of no more than 5
slides. The slides should:

1. Explain the new product or service. This aspect should include an outline of the scope and size of the
product market investigated. As most industries involve a range of products it would be wise to limit the
investigation to a narrow range of products e.g. saloon motor cars as opposed to all motor vehicles; retail
banks rather than all types of banking.
2. You should decide whether you are going to concentrate on the production aspects, or the sales aspects,
but not both.

PLEASE NOTE – the presentation is to be submitted on Blackboard only so you are NOT expected to give the
presentation in person.

SUBMISSION DATE FOR TASK 1: Friday 12th October.

Task Two (40% of overall module assessment mark)

You have now heard from the Board of Global Ventures Plc that your idea from Task One has been accepted as
one of those to be taken forward.

They have therefore asked you to:

(a) In no more than 100 words reiterate your business idea and state clearly whether you intend to
concentrate on producing the product overseas or selling it overseas.
(b) Identify the essential and desirable characteristics you would be looking for when you later choose a
country to operate in (task 3 below), for your product to be successful (part b should be approximately 1,000
words or equivalent).