Calculus of Slavery & Provincials

Nov 23, 2013 at 7:17pm
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One of the most important skills a historian develops is the ability to evaluate historical documents. This evaluation concerns asking questions of the documents that allows a historian to have insight in a particular topic or period being investigated. This week’s documents relate to the weekly module topic.  This week’s documents relate to the weekly module topic of culture and cultural interaction. If you still need help prioritizing your questions of the document go to Document Interpretation Tutorial Page. Use activities below to learn how to analyze various types of sources and to become an historian yourself.
In this weekly discussion assignment you will need to:
1.    Choose one of the documents below to read from each category. (see below)
2.    Write a 250 word initial post for each document (500 words total) and present your interpretation of the document and the material you have been introduced to in this module.
Category 1: Calculus of Slavery

Richard Frethorne, Letter to his Parents (1623)
•    Does the servants call to be back in England say anything about what the conditions they were promised as a laborer and what they received?
•    Does the ill treatment of indentured servants reveal anything about how the elite viewed this source of labor?
Category 2: Provincals

Crévecoeur, Letters From an American Farmer
•    Crévecoeur portrays America as a melting pot of immigrants from many lands. Do you see this portrayal as being accurate? What group(s) does he leave out of his portrait?
•    Do you agree with Crévecoeur assertion that the American people possessed a character that was unique and distinct from the characters of their European ancestors? If so, what made the American character unique?