Based on Book “The March Up Country” by Xenophon

Based on Book “The March Up Country” by Xenophon

Xenophon’s “The March Up Country” has been characterized as the most detailed explanation of a military expedition that has survived from the ancient world.

Xenophon himself participated as a member of this Greek mercenary force which elected its own officers. Write an essay discussing the various aspects of

leadership as they existed in this democratic army in early Western Civilization.

Xenophon examines different types of leaders, the functions of an ideal leader, the reasons why people become leaders, and the relationship between the leaders

and the followers. Discuss some of those issues. Include specific names.

Your essay must include a discussion of Cyros (Cyrus) the younger. Cyros was a Persian and a product of a non-western cultiure. Xenophon and his fellow Greeks

were members of a western culture. Xenophon and his fellow Greeks mercenaries eventually became engaged in conflict against non-western cultures (including the

Persians). Nonetheless, while still alive, Cyros managed to become very popular among the greeks. Explain how Cyros the Younger established himself as a cross-

cultural leader.

In addition to Cyros, you must analyze at least two other specific Greek leaders discussed in Xenophon’s account. One of these must be Xenophon himself.The

second Greek leader must be someone who was a different type of leader than either Cyros or Xenophon. Characterize what sort of leaders these individuals were.

Prove your assertions with page references. Failure to follow instructions will hurt your grade.

Start your paper with an introductory paragraph which introduces the book and the author. Explain to me what your conclusions are on the questions above. I want

to know what proof to look for in your paper right from the start. Be sure that you specify a thesis (argument) in your introductory paragraph and that you have at

least three points to support that argument.

Each Main point should be proven in a paragraph (or more). A concluding paragraph would be a nice touch but it is not really necessary if you are short on space. I

should kniow all of your most important conclusions from your introductory paragraph(s).

Thus an outline of your paper might look something like the following:

I.    Introduction and Thesis
II.    Cyros and Cross-Cultural Leadership
III.    Xenophon and His Style of Leadership
IV.    A Second Greek and His Style of Leadership
V.    Conclusion (optional)